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What is the Difference between a Dentist and an Orthodontist?

Posted On: 24th May 2016
Difference between a Dentist and an Orthodontist

A lot of people think that a dentist and an orthodontist are one and the same thing.  So orthodontist Vs dentist – who does what?  In fact there is a big difference between the two with each having different qualifications and offering different dental treatments.

The Orthodontist

As an Orthodontist in Stanmore we work in a very specialised area of dental treatment that has as its focus on development of the jaws, the teeth and the face as a whole to allow for the best aesthetics and function.  Correction of any problem is usually accomplished with traditional fixed braces or the clear removable type of aligner. To qualify as an orthodontist, as well as a basic dental degree there will be at least a further three years of training, often carried out in hospitals attached to university dental schools.  As part of their training, orthodontists will study the theory of orthodontics and will become qualified as members of the Royal College of Surgeons.  Along with the Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training this will allow registration as a specialist orthodontist with the General Dental Council.

Can a dentist carry out orthodontic treatment?

In fact a general dentist will be able to provide orthodontic treatment and some do this to an extremely high standard.  But they will not have the breadth of knowledge that a specialist trained orthodontist would.

Once they are qualified, an orthodontist will usually only work by providing orthodontic treatment, and they will also quickly develop those skills and treat a wide range of dental cases, from the simple to those that are very complex.

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