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Healthy Braces Friendly Recipes for Your Child

Posted On: 28th Mar 2016
Healthy Braces Friendly Recipes for Your Child

There are thousands of children in the UK that wear braces.  At our Orthodontist practice in Stanmore we know that having braces often does nothing to improve the picky nature of our fussy eater children.  So we thought that if cooking for your child and his or her braces is proving difficult we would offer you some advice on cooking for braces wearers - healthy braces friendly recipes that will go down well with even the pickiest youngster.   Comfort food can take on a whole new meaning when you are cooking for children who have been fitted with braces, whether that is new brackets, elastics, headgear, or any other type of brace, here are some suggestions for great foods that they can eat.

Try one of these braces-friendly dinner recipes that will have your kids smiling, braces and all! 

Macaroni cheese is a favourite comfort food. Pasta is nice and soft, so it’s easy for braces wearers to eat. The cheese will melt in the mouth and won’t get stuck in the braces like stickyor harderfood.

The secret to braces-friendly cooking is to replace any hard, crunchy foods with substitutes that are softer. In other words, soft cheese triangles are better than crisps and Bolognese isbetter than pizza. You could also trymaking a pizza with a soft crustand in the process be nominated for the Best Mum (or Dad) of the Year award.

Your child may not be a fan of fruit and veg. In fact, with new braces, he or she might try to persuade you that fruit and veg are off the menu. It’s a nice try but if your child is wearing braces, meals with cooked vegetables instead of raw veg will do the trick just fine. A vegie stir-fry is healthy and is a soft dinner choice for braces wearing kids.

Meat is a good source of protein. Howevereven when it’s carefully taken off the bone, and incidentally kids with braces should never eat meat on the bone, meat can easily get caught in your child’s braces.

Ask any child and he or she will probably say that the best part of dinner is pudding. Hard sweets, caramel,toffee, popcorn, and all other chewy sweets should be avoided but cake and ice cream are braces-and they should keep the children smiling.

Need to talk more about braces for your child? Feel free to ask any member of our team.Book an appointment and look at our Orthodontic Gallery and then consult with our orthodontist in Stanmore.