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How Long do Braces Take to Work?

Posted On: 28th Mar 2016
How Long do Braces Take to Work

It is a question we are often asked here at Orthodontic Gallery in Stanmore - how long do you have to wear braces to achieve the results you want?

We all know that braces can straighten teeth giving a more attractive smile that can last for life. But it can take 18 months to two years or more, and this time can seem an eternity stretching ahead of you when you are first fitted with braces. Counting down your time in braceswill help the time go by more quickly and like counting down to Christmas, build excitement towards the day when you finally get those braces removed.

Here are some suggestions:

Make up a Wall Calendar

Crossing a day off on a calendar is a familiar way of counting down time passing. Make it more personal by designing your calendar to mark the count down. Upload your own photos or designs for each month that can also display the number of months remaining until your braces come off.

Regular Rewards

Getting regular rewards for wearing your bracescan make it seem less of a burden. Plan a little reward for yourself each month. Time will pass faster when you feel you have a treat in store to reward your patience.

Make a Paper Chain

Use paper strips to make the links of your chain, and add a new link to the chain every week. Before you add each link, write a word or two aboutthe reasons that you are getting your teeth straightened, or to remind you of an upcoming event when you will appreciate having your new straight teeth.

Make a Wall Hanging

On a large pad of blank white paper write “0” on the bottom sheet and then “1” on the next, continuing forward till you reach the number of days remaining. Tear off the top sheet every day to see how many days remain and to remind yourself of the great progress you are making.

Find a Friend

If any of your friends are wearing braces and are on the same timing as you are, share the experience. Celebrate each visit to Orthodontic Gallery in Stanmore when each of you gets updates on your progress.