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How to You and Your Braces will be Become Very Close

Posted On: 28th Mar 2016
Making Friends with Your Braces

We are a asked many questions as orthodontists.  One is the best ways to prevent gum disease and the other is what foods are best to eat with braces.

You and your braces will be become very close over the months or years that you are having treatment so it is important that you get that relationship off to a good start. Here are some recommendations to get your friendship with your braces off to the best possible start:

Floss, floss, and then floss. Yes, we know that it can be a pain to floss when you are wearing braces.  It is, however the best way to ward off gum disease and other potential oral health problems. Get hold of some floss threaders to make this process easier. Just a few minutes spent on flossing each day will keep you clear of significant dental health issues when the braces are eventually removed.

To keep your braces happy you should avoid hard or sticky foods. We know that it ishard to go without toffee, crunchy caramel, chewing gum, and all those other favourite sticky treats but biting on hard or sticky foods can quite easily break a bracket or wire, which will be even more of a pain and so best avoided.

When you chew,do that with your back teeth. It might be time to switch your eating habits. Using your front teeth to take a large bite of food could leave your braces very vulnerable to damage. Rather, cut food into pieces and then use your back teeth to chew it. With something like corn on the cob, the cornshould always be cut off the cob so that you don’t have to bite down on the cob itself with your front teeth.

Rubber bands, headgear, and other orthodontic appliances that may be used can be annoying, but if you don’t wear them as prescribed, this will increase the length of your treatment by a considerable length. Wearing them now will help avoid problems in the future.

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