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Perfect Orthodontic Solution with Retainers

Posted On: 17th Oct 2016
Orthodontic Solution with Retainers

The latest orthodontic treatments that use transparent braces, provide the desired results much faster compared to traditional metal wires, making modern braces universally more popular. But, if you think, once the braces are finally removed, you can immediately get back to normal life– you are mistaken! There is a little more to it than that. Right after the braces come out, it is time to slip on the retainers.

What are retainers?

Almost every orthodontic treatment requires wearing retainers at the final phase. When the braces are finally taken out from a patient’s mouth, there is a chance that the teeth can drift away into their original positions. In order to prevent this from happening, orthodontic experts prescribe retainers to help the teeth maintain their new straightened positions.

How comfortable are they?

According to the best orthodontist in London, initially after slipping on these specially designed orthodontic appliances it is normal to feel uncomfortable pressure on the teeth and even soreness. However, this discomfort is temporary and the more you keep wearing them, the faster it will vanish.

Why are these prescribed?

As already mentioned above, our teeth show a tendency to drift away to their original position, once the aligners are removed. This is called ‘relapse’ and retainers stop this from happening – thus, securing your investment on teeth straightening treatment. Apart from preventing a relapse of the teeth, the orthodontic tool helps you from the dental problem of crowded teeth at an older age.

How long you need to wear them

There is no fixed time span for it and it depends on your condition. During the period, you will be under the guidance of your dental expert. The professional will keep assessing the condition of your teeth along with monitoring their stability during the time.


This orthodontic tool is mainly available in two types. These are fixed and removable retainers. The fixed ones usually come in the form of a thin wire and are worn across the back of the upper or the lower front teeth. This solution provides some minor difficulties in keeping the teeth clean but it also reduces the chance of a relapse.  

On the other hand, removable retainers come in combination of plastic or fibre materials and clasps to hold the retainers in place. As these can be removed easily whenever required, you don’t need that extra effort to keep the mouth clean and healthy.

Orthodontic Gallery is the dependable and renowned dental practice to provide top-class solutions for Londoners, based on retainers. The clinic located at Stanmore in Middlesex, has experts to guide you on proper maintenance techniques for your retainers.  It is important to keep it free from tartar and plaque so that your oral health is never compromised. You can rinse it with lukewarm water and brush it gently using a little vinegar. This will help to keep the orthodontic tool safe from harmful bacteria present in the mouth.