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The Need to Wear Mouth Guards during Sports

Posted On: 15th Jul 2016
Wear Mouth Guards during Sports

Mouth guards are protective coverings worn over the teeth to defend them from any kind of injury during sports. If you are interested in playing outdoor games, then it may put your teeth at severe risk. As such, it is quite sensible to wear mouth guards and protect your teeth from being broken or damaged. Though some people find mouth guards uncomfortable, you will increase the chance of damaging your teeth without using them. Let us discuss some compelling reasons why mouth guards should be worn during sports.

  • Stay away from cracks and fractures in the teeth – The importance of mouth guards in sports is that they protect your teeth from cracks, fractures and damage. They create an obstruction between your teeth and elbow thus preventing crooked or knocked out teeth.

    Breaking a tooth can be quite painful just like displacing a tooth. This happens when tooth loosens from the force of blow and twists after an injury. A displaced tooth may become loose and fall out over time. As such, they require immediate attention to move your tooth back into the socket and avoid further movement.
  • Prevent permanent scar marks on the face – If there is a direct hit on your mouth, this may not break a tooth, but it can be the reason for the player to bite directly into the soft tissue of their mouth. This will not only displace your tooth but probably require you to go for the stitches and leave you with scar marks on your face.

    Both check and tongue injuries are common injuries during sports. People who wear braces are highly susceptible to such kind of injuries. Wearing a mouth guard for braces will help protect cheeks from cuts and scratches. Mouth guard will protect soft tissue in your mouth from sharp surfaces that may lead to permanent damage.
  • Avoid fracture in the jaw bone – Apart from broken or damage teeth problems, mouth guards are also worn to protect against possible jawbone fracture. Unless you use mouth guard, the force will become too much for the jawbone when playing outdoor games. If you like to play football, you can wear mouth guards for football players that are made to protect your face from injury.

    If there is a direct blow to your head suddenly, it may break your teeth or put extreme pressure into the jawbone thus, resulting in breaks or fractures. Besides, mouth guard acts as a protective pad that saves your teeth, mouth and jawbone from fractures that require undergoing a surgery.

Sports injuries can happen to the best players and they are simply unaware when such accidents may take place. They may visit Orthodontic Gallery where there are experienced orthodontists who will take care of their teeth and oral problems. It's always advisable to get in touch with specialist dentist in East Dulwich for the dental problems. It is advisable that they wear mouth guard when playing games and protect themselves from any kind of injury or pain that can occur anytime.