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Facts about Care for Invisalign Braces

Posted On: 6th Aug 2019
Facts about Care for Invisalign Braces

Even though Invisalign braces are invisible when placed on the teeth, there is a need to always keep it clean at all times. We are sure you do not want to spend extra cash on mouth infections.

The invisible brace, Invisalign, is now the most popular cosmetic orthodontic solution adopted in London for teeth straightening. The social media platforms have thankfully created awareness that the invisible braces technology has revolutionised the orthodontic approach to teeth straightening. Aside from being more effective in functions, Invisalign braces give faster results, unlike conventional braces.

Why You should Care for Invisalign Braces

Some complications may occur with the use of these clear braces including tightness and pain (although it’s meant to be painless). If you experience such, do well to speak with your orthodontist.

To avoid staining the clear braces, mouthwash, as well as coffee, should not be consumed. Hot water can also distort the shape of the aligners. Hence, it is advisable to remove them before taking hot water.

The bottom line is that you need to care for your Invisalign braces to prevent distortion of shape or staining of the aligners.

Facts about Invisalign

Before we proceed to how you care for the Invisalign braces, let’s examine some fun facts about them.

FACT 1: The Treatment is Pain-Free!

This is one of the major reasons why many individuals are now opting for clear braces, especially in London. According to an extensive survey which was carried out a few years ago in the entire United Kingdom, about 35% of the patients who used Invisalign experienced zero discomforts while about 54% reported mild discomfort.  

It was recorded that the discomfort did not last through the course of treatment; it was only at the onset when the aligners were tight. This lasted for barely three days.

FACT 2: Invisalign is Removable!!!

You need not be bothered about having to wear your braces all day long, just like in fixed braces. You can always remove the aligners whenever you want to no matter the time of the day with no complications attached.

Invisalign braces are regarded as aligners because they can be taken off anytime you want. It is however important that you keep them fitted for at least 20-22 hours in a day.

They can be detached while eating or drinking. You can remove them to brush or floss your properly.

How to Care for Your Invisalign Braces

To promote oral hygiene and prevent infections, staining or distortion, the following tips need to be followed in the care of Invisalign:

  • Do Not Use Toothpaste To Clean The Invisible Braces: Toothpaste contains abrasive ingredients which can accommodate bacteria build up in your invisible braces. This will end up giving you a bad smell.
  • Use Invisalign Cleaning solution: The invisible braces come with a cleaning system. Use the solution to keep your aligners clear and clean.
  • Always rinse your Invisalign braces at night daily. Ensure to make use of a toothbrush to brush them to keep them clean and fresh gently.
  • Always remove your Invisalign braces when eating or drinking. Sodas, coffee, tea and other drinks can stain your aligners.

Bottom Line

Invisalign braces are perfect for making your smile beautiful and attractive. In their invisible ways, they help to boost your outward appearance. This is more reason why taking good care of the Invisalign braces is important. Follow these tips to ensure your clear braces remain effective.

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