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How to Brush Your Teeth with Braces

Posted On: 28th Mar 2016
How to Brush Your Teeth with Braces

People who are having treatment with braces often express their concerns about the possibility of bad breath, medical term – halitosis.  It is something that noone wants and something that many people would be very self-conscious about.

Here are 5 top tips to ensure that your breath stays fresh while you are having treatment with braces.

  • Brush – to beat bad breath

Using a good toothbrush and the correct brushing technique in the morning and at night, and after meals as well. If your manual brush is not working well enough, try an electric brush instead (e.g. Sonicare or Phillips).You could use a small travel toothbrush at work or at school so that you can brush after meals.

  • Bits of yesterday’s dinner

Food can easily get trapped between the teeth and your braces. During the day this food will decompose – I know eeew!Avoid this horror with “interdental cleaning” to supplement your regular tooth brushing.

Floss to make sure that you don’t discover Mondays lunch on Thursday, festering away in your braces!

  • Rinse!

Using a fluoride mouthwash daily will actas a rinsing action to remove any food that may have got left behind after tooth brushing and interdental cleaning.The fluoride will also help during your treatment with braces to protect your teeth from damage.

  • Check Yourself Out

Clean your teeth & braces in front of a mirror after brushing so that you cancheck you have done an excellent job of it.Carry a pocket mirror around with you during the day to check that there is nothing in your braces - greenery draped over the wires is not a great look!

  • Give Your Tongue a Brush

Many of us forget our tonguesbut the tongue can collect food debris and bacteria that may then go on to cause bad breath.To clean your tongue, use a dry toothbrush without toothpaste. Gentle forward and backwards movements are best making sure that all the tongue is covered. Do this each time you clean your teeth and braces but don’t scrub too hard.Using a tongue scraper is best avoided as it may cause your tongue to become sore.

All the products you might need are available at our clinic just ask for our price list at reception when you visit next and discuss any aspect of your treatment with braces with your Stanmore based Orthodontist.