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Invisible Clear Braces for Straighten Teeth

Invisible Braces are used to straighten teeth with improved accuracy, comfort and discretion. We are proud to offer a diverse range of highest-quality Invisible Braces to the people living in London or near areas according to their budget and need. Using the perfect treatment, we aim to provide each patient with optimum, personalised care to enhance the natural beauty of your smile.

Why choose Invisible Braces ?

What types are available?

Inman Aligner

A clear removable appliance, the Inman Aligner is a revolutionary method of correcting misaligned front teeth and mild dental defects. It is popular for its fast treatment time – cases can be completed in just six to eighteen weeks.


Six Month Smiles

This innovative Six Month Smiles treatment straightens the front teeth that show when you smile. Fixed clear braces are used in combination with special nickel titanium wires to move teeth quickly and efficiently. Mild orthodontic problems can be treated in as little to three to nine months on average.



Fastbraces offer impressive levels of flexibility and comfort with the use of triangular-shaped brackets and a single wire. Depending on the severity of the case, orthodontic issues can be corrected in just three months to one year.



A series of custom-made clear plastic aligners, Invisalign can straighten your teeth in a way that fits in with your lifestyle. The aligners are custom-made for a perfect fit, and can be removed for eating, as well as brushing and flossing the teeth. They are virtually invisible, giving patients confidence in their smile during orthodontic treatment. Treatment time with Invisalign takes an average of 9 to 12 months.


Damon Braces

Damon Braces prioritise comfort and speed during orthodontic treatment. They use a unique slide mechanism instead of ties and elastics to reduce friction and increase comfort. It straighten teeth with predictable, consistently high-quality results.


Ceramic Braces

A popular alternative to traditional metal braces, Ceramic Braces straighten teeth with precision and discretion. They use clear or tooth-coloured brackets and wires to blend in with the teeth, while treating mild, moderate and severe orthodontic problems.


Incognito Lingual Braces

The most discreet option for orthodontic treatment, Incognito Lingual Braces fit over the inside (lingual) surface of the teeth. They combine low force and a special passive ligation design to move teeth gently, while remaining hidden from sight. Treatment time averages two years for most cases, with Incognito Lite available to treat mild orthodontic cases in just six months.


What's right for me?

The best treatment for you depends on your individual case and can be discussed at your initial consultation. Take advantage of a free 15-minute initial consultation with specialist orthodontist Dr. Arash Naseri. You will be given a full dental examination and have a talk about your desired results before you decide upon the perfect treatment.

How much does Invisible Braces cost?

The cost of Invisible Braces depends on your individual case. At Orthodontic Gallery, you can benefit from affordable prices from renowned orthodontist Dr. Arash Naseri, along with interest free credit and long repayment plans to help you spread the cost.

Are you interested in Invisible Braces ? There is a £40 consultation charge, which is deductible from the cost of any future treatments you undertake.