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Orthopaedic Orthodontics

Orthodontic Orthopaedics focuses on straightening misaligned teeth by gaining an understanding of the underlying cause – usually an underdeveloped and ill-positioned jaw. The goal of Orthodontic Orthopaedics is therefore to correct these larger issues, as well as the misaligned teeth. Treatment tends to start in young children, but can still be successful in older children and adults.

At Orthodontic Gallery, patients can take advantage of the vast knowledge and expertise of renowned specialist orthodontist, Dr. Arash Naseri. With the help of a friendly and professional dental team, Dr. Naseri overcomes orthodontic challenges to provide patients with straight teeth and even, well-structured faces and jaws.

Can I benefit from Orthodontic Orthopaedics?

Orthodontic Orthopaedics may be of benefit to you if you’re experiencing or more of the following problems:

What can I expect from treatment?

Before any treatment can successfully go ahead, the exact nature of your case needs to be identified. Take advantage of a free 15-minute initial consultation with specialist orthodontist Dr. Arash Naseri at Orthodontic Gallery. You will be given a full dental examination, followed by a discussion about your desired results before we decide upon your ideal treatment plan together.

Orthopaedic orthodontics is usually divided into the four different treatment categories listed below:

Am I a suitable candidate?

Specialist orthodontist Dr. Arash Naseri will determine your suitability for Orthodontic Orthopaedics at your initial consultation, and discuss your potential treatment options with you.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Orthodontic Orthopaedics depends on your individual case. At Orthodontic Gallery, you can benefit from affordable prices from renowned orthodontist Dr. Arash Naseri, along with interest free credit and long repayment plans to help you spread the cost.

Are you considering enhancing your facial structure and smile with Orthodontic Orthopaedics? There is a £40 consultation charge, which is deductible from the cost of any future treatments you undertake.