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Orthodontics Retainers

Once you've achieved your beautiful new smile with the help of Orthodontic Gallery, it's important to protect your results. After any orthodontic treatment, the teeth tend to want to drift back to their old position. As a solution, our patients wear Retainers after the braces come off to keep straight teeth firmly in place.

Why do I need to wear a Retainer?




What types of Retainers are available?

Orthodontic Gallery offers a range of Retainers to help keep your smile straight. Your orthodontist will discuss your options with you.



How much do retainers cost?

The cost of a Retainer following your orthodontic treatment depends on your individual case. At Orthodontic Gallery, you can benefit from affordable prices from renowned orthodontist Dr. Arash Naseri, along with interest free credit and long repayment plans to help you spread the cost.

Do you want to discuss your available options for perfecting your smile? There is a £40 consultation charge, which is deductible from the cost of any future treatments you undertake.